Lancelot's Wishlist for a Hunger-Free World

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As much as I love getting gifts, I've decided that I should ask for something more worthwhile instead. Rather than traditional gifts, I'd love for people to buy the charitable gifts from on here. I love that they say exactly what the money will be spent on and how many people it will help, as this makes it feel like a real gift rather than just a donation. The greetings cards also look great and there's a big range to chose from, which also makes it seem more personal. I'm really glad that I can use this opportunity to help other people, rather than just accumulating more stuff!

I'd love to be able to help even more people, so please create your own wish-list, then I can support the causes that matter to you. Together we can make a huge difference!

Favorite gifts:


This gift will provide a poor child with a chick to raise and the quality feed it will need to produce eggs. Because the chicks will be produced as part of other African Children Haven projects, the children will also receive basic instructions in how to raise their birds, produce a larger flock and market their eggs for cash income.


This gift will provide a food basket to help feed a malnourished family. This basket contains 2 kg rice, 2 kg beans, 1 kg salt, 1 kg sugar, oatmeal, milk, eggs and oil.

Holiday Fixins - Emergency food box

LifeNet4Families Cooperative Feeding Program


This gift will offset the costs of supplying a bag of holiday food items for a needy family.

Fill 100 Cups - With Porridge or Beans

Friends of the World Food Program, Inc.


For just $13 you can fill 100 cups with beans, rice, or porridge and assist the World Food Program (WFP) to end hunger and malnutrition in one of the most impoverished areas of the world. One cup of beans, rice or porridge a day will greatly improve the health and life of a child or pregnant woman. Not only will your gift help save a life, but it will also shrink the number of chronically hungry people worldwide. WFP will fill the 100 cups with food through school meals and their Maternal/Child Health and Nutrition Program. School Meals provides primary school children with a daily meal, which not only fills their stomachs and keeps them focused, but also encourages their families to send them to school. The Maternal/Child Health and Nutrition Program aims to enhance the health of malnourished children and women by providing them with special nutritional support. To learn more about what WFP and WFP USA are doing to end world hunger, please visit

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