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During my first semester in college, I took a course that taught me more about speech and developmental disorders like autism, ALS and verbal apraxia. For such disorders, it takes an immense amount of sacrifice, patience, diligence and therapy for both patients and their families. Organizations such as https://researchautism.org and http://www.teamgleason.org actively make contributions to these causes that I am extremely passionate about. Any donation is greatly appreciated!

Favorite gifts:

Special Needs Education teachers and therapists require all sorts of resources to ensure that all students get the best possible education. Your contribution will help provide adaptive equipment, rehab equipment and therapy solutions to students need.

Your contribution will support the important work of your favorite Autism Nonprofit and help make the world a better place.

Support Research - Family participation

Organization For Autism Research Inc


This gift will provide compensation for a family participating in research. Depending on the study, a family’s participation in applied research might require filling out surveys, meeting with therapists, taking a course, or being observed while completing everyday tasks. In return for their participation, families often receive monetary compensation. These gifts can come in the form of gift cards or a check, or might simply be used to cover the costs of travel. Through supporting these families who leave their comfort zone to join an ongoing research study, our current understanding of autism will broaden and supply the autism community with more answers to a seemingly unending supply of questions. In addition, children, adolescents, and adults on the spectrum who participate will receive a potential benefit from the intervention used in research studies.

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