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In many case, students are having difficulty to approach the school.
They even walks to school for hours. Giving them a transportation would be meaningful.

In ODA fild, there was a many business that tries to gives them a hardware infra. But, sometimes it doesn't work.
Now we should think about support them by software program. Like Fair travel system or Accessibility improvement.

Making a fair travel system in low-developed country is nice way to improve local people's income.
They have their own culture, and their beautiful nature will help their program attractive.

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Furniture for your Favorite School -

School and Teacher Resources

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Students need sturdy, comfortable furniture to be able to learn. It is such a basic thing, and yet the need is so severe. It is a great long-term investment in a school, since it will last for many years. Give students a soft place to rest and a firm table to think and learn on. Their classroom should be their home away from home, so let's make sure it's comfortable.

Field Trips for your Favorite School -

School and Teacher Resources

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Remember how exciting it was to get to go on field trips when you were in school? These trips are fun, they are educational, and they give our students exposure to the real world. Field trips give students memories, experiences, and lessons they will never forget. Your donation will ensure that students can have those great experiences.

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