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I am always on the search to find new ways to make the world a better place. Giving donations in a friends name, enables you to drift away from the typical way of giving gifts. For me knowing that my birthday present helped somebody, makes me happier than any other materialistic thing would ever make me. My favorite causes include peace, woman and girls, environment, and education.

Favorite gifts:

Connect Globally - Help student activists

International Physicians For The Prevention Of Nuclear War


Support a student to join in the discussions and educational public health workshops at the next World Congress in Basel, Switzerland. Your gift will help to cover some of the costs associated with sending medical student activists to participate at the next Congress, side-by-side with physicians, medical students from over sixty countries.


Your gift will help a woman acquire the skills she needs to develop her career. 5 sessions at a Dress for Success Career Center will provide a woman with career guidance, technology skills and support in her job search. In addition, your gift will provide her with resources that are vital to entering the workforce, such as an Internet-accessible computer lab with cutting-edge job placement software; résumé and cover-letter-writing lessons; and interview preparation.

Your gift will enable Equality Now to produce and distribute Women's Action campaign alerts to approximately 100 members of the Women's Action Network, who voice their opposition to human rights violations against women and girls by contacting government authorities, circulating petitions and raising awareness in their communities. When governments encounter protest from around the world, they know they are being held accountable for these human rights abuses. The activists you help mobilize will, for example, protest the failure of the Mexican government to resolve the abduction and murder of women in Ciudad Juárez, and demand justice for Woineshet Zebene Negash, who at 13 was abducted and raped in Ethiopia. Your gift helps channel collective outrage into strategic action, and the public pressure generated continues to multiply, resulting in a greater impact in the struggle for justice and equality for all women and girls.


We must have everyone’s support to stop Congress from handing the home of polar bears and other wildlife over to Big Oil, which will only result in a savings of a penny at the gas pump…and that’s in 20 years! Your gift to Adopt A Polar Bear will help Defenders save polar bears and other imperiled Arctic wildlife.

A donation of $97 will fund an entire year of school for a Ugandan child in an IDP camp. Education has a positive impact on not only the future earning potential of a child but also helps reduce vulnerability to health problems such as HIV/AIDS, increases awareness of human rights and issues such as family planning and improves confidence and overall well being.
BRAC is already providing Northern Uganda's IDP camp children with the opportunity for education in specially designed schools that are suitable for older children. These schools follow BRAC's unique, interactive approach to education which makes learning a fun experience for students and prepares them to be mainstreamed into the government’s schools. The first class of BRAC learners (aged 10-12 years old) recently graduated from Grade 1, and 844 passed their exams and have been mainstreamed into the government schools.

Your gift will allow a classroom of children to learn from brand new books.

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