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The Advocacy Project supports partners who work for social justice and human rights at the community level. AP does this by:

Highlighting human rights abuses and concerns on behalf of partners (

Sending interns to work with partners in the popular "Fellows For Peace" program (

Training partners on their information needs(

Carrying out advocacy and outreach campaigns to raise awareness for partners


AP helps human rights organizations produce, use and disseminate their information effectively.


Srebrenica Memorial Quilt:
AP and the women of BOSFAM, the Bosnian women's group, launched the Srebrenica Memorial Quilt, in commemoration of the more than 8,000 men and boys that were killed in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre. The quilt contains 20 panels, all hand woven by BOSFAM weavers who lost relatives in the massacre. Each panel commemorates a victim. You can help by commissioning a panel in the quilt or signing the petition to arrest the alleged perpetrators of the Srebrenica massacre.
Please visit for more information.

Please visit the AP website for more information about the rest of our campaigns.


AP is a Catalogue for Philanthropy charity.

In 2005, AP was selected by the Catalogue as one of Greater Washington's best small charities. Charities were selected by a group of 50 professional grantmakers and leaders at thirty foundations and nonprofit organizations. All Catalogue for Philanthropy charities are evaluated for distinction, merit, cost-effectiveness, and accomplishment (

In 2006, AP was chosen to be a Clinton Global Initiatives (CGI) member. Participation in the CGI is "by invitation only, limited to a select and diverse group of heads of state, CEOs, media voices, philanthropists and foundation heads, religious leaders, original thinkers and those who run highly effective non-profit organizations. When choosing individuals for membership, the Initiative attempts to create a composition that matches people who have resources with those who have the most innovative ideas" (


Iain Guest founded AP in 1998 and directed AP's first project – to provide online coverage of the Rome conference on an International Criminal Court. Prior to that, he was the Geneva-based correspondent for the London Guardian and International Herald Tribune between 1976 and 1987. He is also author of a book about the disappearances in Argentina, and presenter of several BBC documentaries.

In 1992 Iain served as a spokesperson for the UNHCR operation in Cambodia, and in 1994 as spokesperson for the UN humanitarian operation in Haiti. He served as a senior fellow at the US Institute of Peace (1996/7). Between 1997 and 2000, he conducted several evaluation missions to Rwanda and Bosnia for USAID and UNHCR.

He has also served as special assistant to the Special Representative of the UN Human Rights Commission on Rwanda. Iain is currently an adjunct professor at Georgetown's School of Foreign Service, where he teaches courses in human rights in international affairs, and human rights and conflict


Mr. Scott Allen, Board Member
Ms. Teresa Crawford, Board Member
H.E. Amb. Claudia Fritsche, Board Member
Mr. Iain Guest, Board Member
Dr. Susan Martin, Board Member


Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the, Cote D'Ivoire, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Israel, Kenya, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States


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Your gift will help provide one day of advocacy tools and online support to one organization. While this might sound unglamorous, please remember that the efficacy and safety of human rights activists is directly related to how well they are able to get their information out.