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The African Medical & Research Foundation, founded in 1957 as the Flying Doctors of East Africa, is today the largest nongovernmental health development organization based in Africa. 97% of our staff is African. AMREF takes a rights-based approach to community health development.


AMREF's mission is to empower people of Africa, through better health, to escape poverty and improve the quality of their lives.


AMREF focuses on the most critical health issues facing Africa: HIV/AIDS and TB; malaria; family health; clean water and basic sanitation; clinical services and emergency response; and training and capacity building. AMREF's overarching goal is to close the gap that prevents people from accessing their basic right to health.

AMREF works independently and in partnership with local communities, other NGOs, African Ministries of Health, United Nations agencies, and WHO.

AMREF's philosophy is that Africa must build the health care systems that are most effective within the context of local cultures and resources.


AMREF has 50 years of on-the-ground experience in Africa. Each year, AMREF's programs save hundreds of thousands of lives across Eastern and Southern Africa.


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Bring Clean Water

The Gift of the Magi

African Medical and Research Foundation

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A gift of $25 will provide clean water to an African family for one month. Your donation will truly be a "gift of the magi." With your contribution, AMREF will work to reduce the prevalence of water and sanitation related diseases that needlessly kill African families -- and improve their general hygiene. How? We will work with community water committees to build shallow wells, boreholes...