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The Asian Human Rights Commission is a leading regional group that counteracts the day to day abuse of basic human rights across Asia through fast, accurate and constant advocacy on individual cases, government policy and institutional obstacles to democracy and the rule of law. The AHRC is based in Hong Kong, with a dedicated staff of over 20 persons from around the region and further abroad, plus interns and volunteers. It is wholly independent.


The AHRC seeks to protect and promote human rights by daily monitoring, investigating and campaigning. It is the first and foremost rights group in Asia to have emphasized speedy communication through modern technology for effective change, while at the same time maintaining close links with victims.


All programs of the AHRC stress the need to build functioning institutions for the rule of law and democracy in Asia, through public participation. At the heart of the work are the urgent appeals, which are a way to respond quickly to some among the thousands of cases that occur every day. From urgent appeals, extensive projects have followed on torture, forced disappearances, extrajudicial killings and caste discrimination. There are activities for religious groups, and a human rights folk school. Special campaigns and petitions run on specific cases and incidents. Court observers are sent to monitor cases of particular concern; lawyers are hired to represent victims; researchers are dispatched to do detailed studies and investigate important concerns or events. And through the AHRC internship program, committed persons from all over Asia are invited to spend up to a year at the main office, both to learn and to inform. The AHRC also offers an award for outstanding human rights defenders in the region.


In the last ten years, the AHRC and its partners have helped to save thousands of lives and intervened for the good of countless more. Today we see growing demand for urgent appeals, which have a track record of success. Torture, once taboo, is now hotly discussed in many Asian countries. New groups and activists are being born. Government policies are being changed. Laws are being introduced. People are speaking out in an unprecedented way, and human rights are gaining ground in the media and public debate. The AHRC is at the heart of all this.


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Give An Award

Rights defender fund

Asian Human Rights Commission

Regular price $200.00

Your contribution will be part of the sum given to an Asian Human Rights Defender Award laureate. The person may be alive or dead. If they are dead, the money will go to someone who is continuing the struggle for human rights in their name. If you wish, your own name, or the name of another person or an organisation on your behalf, will be...

Keep A Story

One voice recorder

Asian Human Rights Commission

Regular price $150.00

Instead of buying a high-tech device for your own family or friend, why not get one for someone who really needs it? A digital voice recorder in the hands of an activist in India can record the voices of people who will never be heard without it. A digital camera in the hands of a rights defender in Bangladesh will capture the images that the...

Free A Prisoner

One legal defense

Asian Human Rights Commission

Regular price $100.00

Your small contribution will be enough to cover the costs of a lawyer appearing for an entire court case in Burma. Think about it. This amount doesn't cover the cost of even an hour of a lawyer's time in many countries; perhaps yours too. But for a rural family in Burma, it could be the difference between having to sell precious livestock or mortgage their...

Launch An Activist

One week of free lunch

Asian Human Rights Commission

Regular price $90.00

You can help launch one of a new generation of Asian activists by paying for a week of food and travel expenses for one human rights intern. Some food and a bus fare may not sound like anything special, but it is. Through this gift, you will be nourishing and transporting this person while he or she gets great opportunities to speak, learn, listen and...

Shelter A Victim

One month of housing

Asian Human Rights Commission

Regular price $70.00

Your gift will help cover the basic costs of housing a torture victim in Sri Lanka for one month. The recipient of your gift may be a young boy or his mother: someone forced from home by events beyond their control, someone now depending on the goodwill of others to get life back on track. And with a place to stay and people to help,...

Document A Death

One documented killing

Asian Human Rights Commission

Regular price $30.00

You can pay for the cost of documenting one of these killings. Once documented, the case will be raised through all sorts of national, regional and international advocacy. This is not a happy gift, but it is a necessary one: without it, there can be no possibility of justice, no prospect of ending the bloodshed. These stories must be recorded and told. This is being...

Make An Appeal

10 urgent letters

Asian Human Rights Commission

Regular price $15.00

Your gift of ten urgent appeal letters will break the silence on one or more abuses of human rights in Asia. You will pay for the cost of sending the letters by fax and mail to government officials, international rights monitors and others around the world. These appeal letters have a track record of effecting change, and you can be confident that your letters too...