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Brazilian Network to Combat the Wild Animal Trafficking


Well known nationally and internationally for its actions in defense of the environment, RENCTAS is a non-profit organization, founded in 1999, which mission is to fight against the wild animals trafficking in order to contribute to the preservation of Brazilian biodiversity. Among the many awards received by the institution, the most remarkable is certainly UNEP-Sasakawa Prize, awarded in November 2003 by UN and considered the most important and prestigious environmental distinction in the world.


To fight the illegal trade of wild animals in order to contribute with the preservation of biodiversity.


Environmental education – aims to increase awareness of the environmental, economic and social consequences of the illegal wildlife trade and urge society to denounce this crime. Actions include national and international environmental education campaigns; campaigns and expositions in Brazilian airports; documentaries and publicity films.

RENCTAS also promotes public policies and supports governmental environment agencies, working in collaboration with Brazilian government and parliament to influence new laws and the creation of a new policy for conservation of biodiversity. Through this program, we train and support environmental agents of the government and pass on accusations and other information to the enforcement and environmental control agencies. Actions include dissemination of reports on the wildlife illegal trade; workshops to train and support environmental agents; and creation of a database on wild animal trafficking in Brazil.

Conservation of Biodiversity – Created to support research projects and the protection of wild fauna. Actions include: Union for the Atlantic Forest Fauna; transportation of wild animals rescued from traffic; Fund for Protection of Tropical Biodiversity.


In 7 years of existence, RENCTAS, through partnerships with the government, the private sector and with the support of volunteers from all over the country, has supported more than 5,000 environmental agents, has directly benefited more than 300,000 persons that have participated in the events promoted by the institution and indirectly around 20,000,000 persons, that were educated through our environmental education campaigns in schools, universities, NGOs and environmental agencies. In addition to these numbers, we can also count the more than 500,000 Internet users of all around the world that have visited our website in these years.




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Phone: (+55) 61-3368-8970
A project of Brazil Foundation (EIN: 13-4131482)

Your gift will help Renctas to send informative bulletins to the NET members for one month. The purpose of this project is to strengthen and increase the actions of the Monitoring Center of the Brazilian Biodiversity, whose information helps in the fight against the illegal trade of wild fauna. In addition to monitoring the dealers' activities and fighting this crime, this gift will help Renctas...

Your donation will fund 300 informative brochures to be distributed in roadways, zoos, malls and other public places, to educate people so that they won't keep wild animals as pets and to help them learn the damages wildlife traffic causes to the environment and society. The donations will be used to produce a materials for 12 Renctas campaigns during one year. Your donation will help...

Regular price $200.00

Renctas works with Brazilian public environmental enforcement and control agencies to strengthen environmental workers. The objective of the project is to train those officially responsible for environmental controlling and monitoring in the fight against wild animal trafficking. When we research the wild fauna traffic in each Brazilian state, we inform and give direction to the monitoring agencies responsible for stopping this trade. The development of...

Your donation will enable Renctas to produce one 30 minute weekly radio program. The program will be transmitted in many different Brazilian radio stations and for free in the Internet, to disseminate the information in a ludic way, reaching some of the most distant places of Brazil, where there is no television. The objective of this project is increasing environmental awareness. On the Program, fauna...

Your gift will fund the research, production, and free distribution of one report on the sanitary impacts associated with wild animal trafficking. The project has the objective of strengthening and increasing the fight against wild animal trafficking in Brazil and abroad, through the dissemination of information on the risks wild animals can represent to world health and economics, by the spreading of diseases this activity...

Regular price $50.00

Renctas distributes free environmental education kits with videos and folders to Brazilian public schools, to increase the awareness of children from 12 to 18 years old about the damages wild animal trafficking causes to society and the environment. Each donation will finance one Educational Kit for a school. Brazilian states where the traffic of wild animals is more important are given priority in the distribution...

Regular price $1,000.00

The objective of this gift is to build a permanent investment fund to finance research projects and actions for the preservation and conservation of biodiversity, guaranteeing the sustainability and autonomy of environmental institutions and their initiatives. Renctas has created this fund, where part of the money raised annually is reverted to the small projects and the part is reinvested in an endowment fund, to maintain...

Your gift will help Renctas educate one school about wild animal trafficking.