Charitable Gift Cards - Bulk Orders

Charitable Gift Cards - Bulk Orders

Minimum quantity for bulk orders is 6 gift cards. For smaller orders, please see this.



About Charitable Gift Cards

Our Charitable Gift Cards are among the most meaningful gifts.

  • You use this page to add charitable gift cards to your cart. At checkout, you are making a charitable donation to fund them. These gift cards make a difference, are tax-deductible, and delight the friends, customers, or employees to whom you give them.
  • The recipients of your charitable gift cards:
    • visit our site and choose from any of thousands of charitable gifts (preserve an acre of the rain forest, fund an hour of cancer research, restore a blind person's eyesight with cataract surgery, etc.), or they can choose to support the charitable needs of any nonprofit, school, or teacher in the country, then
    • simply enter the unique gift card number when they check out from our site (the full gift card amount must be used in a single transaction; the balance does not carry forward).
    • have the tremendous satisfaction of knowing that you helped them make a difference and change the world in exactly the way they care about.


Ordering and Paying for Gift Cards

Individual Gift Cards

You can also order individual charitable gift cards.

Bulk Gift Cards

You can use this page to order Charitable Gift Cards in bulk.

  • Just choose the denomination amount and quantity above, and add to cart.
  • If you want to give different denominations to some recipients, add to the cart as many as you want of one denomination, then return to this page to add more of another denomination.

Your cost is just the face value of the cards. We do not charge any additional amount to generate the gift card numbers and to send you the list. 

(There is, of course, a charge if you want to order personalized printed cards, which are discussed below).


Delivery: Digital or Printed 

You can choose between digital delivery and printed greeting cards.


We can provide you with a list of gift card numbers, which you can distribute in whatever way you want (hand-written notes, letters, emails, etc.). We do not charge for that.

We can generally provide digital gift cards within 24 to 48 hours. Please let us know if you are in a rush by contacting us at the email address below.

Printed Gift Cards 

If you want to place a bulk order for personalized printed greeting cards to convey your greeting and provide the gift card numbers, please:

  1. follow the instructions above to order your gift card numbers from this page, and
  2. then click here to order the greeting cards.


Free Branded Card Numbers and Landing Page

Gift Card Numbers

To increase recognition and goodwill, we generally customize the gift card numbers with the name (or part of the name) of the company that orders them. So, if Elon orders cards for one of his companies, the numbers would be akin to Tesla-13579. There is no charge for that customization.

Landing Page 

A branded landing page for recipients of your charitable gift cards further increases recognition and goodwill for your company. We provide one like the image below:

  • free on gift card orders of $2,000 or more
  • $50 for smaller orders

Please go to this page to request a landing page along with your bulk gift card order.

 click to see the sample page



We are here to help. Just drop a note to support [AT] ChangingThePresent [DOT] org

Feel free to write URGENT at the start of the subject line to get a faster response.