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Hope, Strength, Love and Joy, for children battling critical conditions.

Original music for those who need it most.


Chase the Music gives children battling critical conditions hope, strength, love, and joy through the power of music. We do this with original music - composed and performed just for them. The shared experience of a Chase the Music premiere is inspirational and moving for all who participate and share in the event. The music is released and its impact grows as it is shared and enjoyed.


Officially organized and recognized as a US based non-profit in 2015, but delivering programs for several years before that.


We deliver original musical programs (instrumental, vocal, dance, and theater) to children in need. These programs are specific to the child for maximum impact.


"I'm never going to stop smiling", said Lauren, 5, who at the time was battling cancer and undergoing chemo. We want to replicate that same feeling, for children who are battling a critical condition.

Greater than that, we know that the impact extends well past the child, faily, composer, performers and audience. Listeners and supporters feel the Hope, Strength, Love and Joy that is expressed through a Chase the Music gift.

Goals this year

To grow the organization and to deliver 100% more pieces this year than last. To put ourselves on a path towards our "Vision 2020" where we are working across the globe. To enable physical facilities, delivering music to these beautiful children.

Board Members

Clark Hodge, Founder and Executive Director of Chase the Music cares about using music as a healing agent for children. He works with composers, musicians and children of all varieties and wants to see music play a meaningful role in everyone's lives. He's a 2 time world record holder (highest cello concert, and most people Etch-A-Sketching the same subject at the same time). He's an impassioned builder of shared experiences with a fun and joyous heart. He splits his time between the mountains of Colorado and the hills of Tuscany. He dreams of growing Chase the Music to an international organization, giving music to deserving children the world over.


Clark Hodge

Mike Carroll

Dan Reed


USA, Italy, Czech Republic, Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Kenya...


2071 Rowell Dr., Lyons, CO 80540

+1 (415) MUSIC 00

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Your donation will help us work with composers, choreographers and dancers to create an original piece just for a child. This gift will be performed in-person for maximum impact. The reflections of a child, finding herself, her voice through music and dance is something we will do again, with your support.