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Build A Swingset

Two Swings


Regular price $310.00

Everyone recalls the thrill of flying through the air and that moment when you wondered if might be able to touch the sky. Your gift will help provide a timeless thrill from one the most universal symbols of play! If we want a world full of healthy, happy and successful adults, we need to create a world where kids can play! And after all, what...

Build A School

Supplies for 5 kids

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Regular price $40.00

You gift will provide school supplies for 5 children in Tattaguine, Senegal. World Vision, along with several church partners, is planning to build a secondary school in the region that would give a chance to our supported children to continue their schooling and break the cycle of poverty. This school will serve the 4 villages where Covenant members sponsor 250 children. For more information about...

Build a classroom

Outside of Casa Ana

Better Future International

Regular price $200.00

Casa Anna's back yard can become a cool and breezy outdoor classroom to serve more children if we raise money for supplies: outdoor chairs, all-weather tables, awnings, tenting for shade and rain protection. There is no money in our very limited start up budget for any of these items. If you choose to give us money for this we will be thrilled to begin spending...

Bring a Grandparent

To Help out Dad

Andre Sobel River Of Life Foundation

Regular price $150.00

Your gift will pay for transportation for a grandparent to visit and care for the siblings at home. Your gift will help with gas, a long distance bus ticket, or plane fare. Not only will your gift give siblings their loving grandparent to care for them during this fragile time, but it will give Dad peace of mind knowing that he can focus on his...

Backyard Adventure

Youth education

Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust Inc

Regular price $75.00

Your gift will provide one afternoon of Backyard Adventures! programming for up to 12 youth at a local school in Lowell, MA. Backyard Adventures provides experiential learning opportunities for disadvantaged youth in Lowell to help them gain self-esteem, leadership skills, and exposure to environmental career opportunities. Backyard Adventures provides ‘hands-on’ lessons in the out-of-doors to learn about the natural environment by exploring local habitats, conducting...

Aid Rwanda Children

Supplies for 1 child

Cooperative Housing Foundation

Regular price $30.00

Far from a mere hand-out, supporting Rwanda’s orphans and vulnerable children with proper nutrition, materials, school fees and training will provide the country’s future leaders with opportunities to succeed and thrive in life. We provide nutritional support and playtime for those under 6; school materials, uniforms and playtime for kids in primary school; school fees, psychosocial support and materials to those in secondary school; and...

Aid Recovery

4 toys for children

Associacao Saude Crianca Renascer

Regular price $20.00

We will buy a toy for each of four children in a family, helping to aid their recovery and provide them with happy moments.

Aid Recovery

2 household appliances

Associacao Saude Crianca Renascer

Regular price $50.00

Your donation covers the average cost to provide two electrical appliances (including fans, irons, and blenders) for the families of sick children, to help them recover more quickly.

Adopt A Camper

One week of camp!

Camp Looking Glass Inc

Regular price $300.00

This gift will provide an opportunity for a child or adult with a disability to attend Camp Looking Glass. Many of our campers and their families are living in poverty. They do not have clothes, toiletries, a comfortable bed, or experiences that empower them. In addition, your donation will provide a respite for loving families who care 24/7 for their children. For many of our...

A Place to Learn

A Sandbox


Regular price $106.00

This gift provides a sandbox which lets kids learn about sharing, playing well with others and how to create amazing sand castles! Help kids develop the social skills they'll need their whole lives by learning them in a sandbox first.