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Furnish a classroom

Chairs Desk tables

Better Future International

Regular price $150.00

Your gift will provide chairs, desk and tables for a classroom. When we have the money we are turning Casa Ana into a real school.

Fund Field Trips

Experiential learning

KIPP Foundation

Regular price $25.00

Your support of experiential learning provides our students with opportunities to expand their understanding of classroom lessons and to be exposed to facets of life beyond their neighborhood. Your gift makes it possible for KIPP students to visit museums, see a play, visit another part of their city or state, learn about jobs and the education necessary to perform them, explore colleges and universities and...

Fund Better Futures

200 books for children

First Book

Regular price $600.00

Your gift of 200 new books will strengthen the reading ability of a classroom of children in need.

Fill Backpacks

Books for 20 students

First Book

Regular price $360.00

Your gift will put brand new books directly in the backpacks of 20 preschoolers in need for them to take home.

Fill A Bookshelf

20 children's books

First Book

Regular price $60.00

Your gift will put 20 brand new books in the home of a child in need.

Equip A Tutor

Literacy kits

Jumpstart For Young Children, Inc

Regular price $150.00

Trained on the basics of child development, including techniques for reading with children, and conflict resolution, Jumpstart volunteers work together in teams to implement a curriculum with young children twice a week for the entire school year. Each Jumpstart Corps member is paired one-to-one with an at-risk preschooler to ensure individualized attention. As part of their lessons with children each week, teams utilize a host...

Equip A Classroom

One education package

Jumpstart For Young Children, Inc

Regular price $100.00

Incorporating letters and print into a child’s learning environment and into his or her everyday play ensures that the child becomes comfortable and familiar with the alphabet. When put to use by a caring Jumpstart volunteer working one-to-one with the child, the learning is individualized and more effective. Your gift will provide an educational package of puzzles, Alphabet Bingo, Letter Tiles, and Alphabet Stamps, materials...

English Teacher

One Month Salary

Better Future International

Regular price $200.00

Your donation will provide for the salary of an English teacher/tutor for one month. There are great advantages to beginning English instruction at a young age. English will give our children vast opportunities to become successful citizens.

Educate An Orphan

Tuition for a year

Better Future International

Regular price $300.00

Your donation will allow one child to go to school for one year. We will help pay for any tuition, books, supplies and after school tutoring so they don't fall behind. The public school system lacks many resources and provides only a basic education. Casa Ana is committed to its mission of educating impoverished orphans. Not only do all the Casa Ana children attend school...

Distribute Books

Library for children

Jumpstart For Young Children, Inc

Regular price $50.00

Chosen by researchers and curriculum experts as rich, high-quality texts that will support children’s development of language and literacy skills, the books provided with your donation also touch on issues familiar to every child, such as the arrival of a new baby brother or sister, the excitement of experiencing new places and meeting new people, and the fun of spending time with friends! This basket...

Build a classroom

Outside of Casa Ana

Better Future International

Regular price $200.00

Casa Anna's back yard can become a cool and breezy outdoor classroom to serve more children if we raise money for supplies: outdoor chairs, all-weather tables, awnings, tenting for shade and rain protection. There is no money in our very limited start up budget for any of these items. If you choose to give us money for this we will be thrilled to begin spending...