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Our vision for the future is a world where children are the catalyst for change. We envision children of different socio-economic classes, races, religions, cultures and nations creating bridges that will enable them to connect to one another. This will inspire all involved to collectively create a world of tolerance, celebration of diversity, compassion, inter-country and inter-cultural dialogue and respect. This will facilitate the expansion of consciousness which will contribute to harmony throughout the world.


Our mission is to encourage children to be active participants in cultural and educational exchanges with the goal of bringing hope and celebration of diversity to their own communities and throughout the world.




Warm Caps for Babies Program
The CCB Warm Cap Program provides an opportunity for children to learn how to knit and crochet baby caps. The caps are then donated to developing countries and to poverty-stricken communities here in the United States. Our program engages seniors in volunteering to teach children how to knit and crochet, as this serves as a meaningful way to also bridge generational gaps in their own communities. We also work with schools, youth organizations, knitting clubs and welcome caps donated by individuals.

Global Journey Through Music Program
CCB uses the Putumayo World Music program to provide an exciting way for children to travel the globe without leaving their hometown. Participants will embark on a journey of music and discovery that will span six continents. During each session there will be opportunities to experience world music and to participate in hands-on activities. Each child will be given a Passport Journal that will serve as a souvenir of their adventure.

Free Yoga Program
CCB offers free yoga classes to youth in several communities in Southeastern, PA. The goal of this program is to build self-awareness and to harmonize the mind with the body. We also aim to bring a diverse population of youth together with the purpose of creating a sense of oneness.

Book Donation Program
This program provides free books to children of low-income families and the pre-K's and after school programs that serve them. Through First Book Marketplace we are able to purchase high-quality books at a very discounted price. In our efforts to remain environmentally-conscious, we also redistribute gently-used books that are donated to

Ethiopia Outreach Project
We continue to help an orphanage in Ethiopia meet their humanitarian needs. In addition, we are committed to helping with the construction of a new facility that can better serve these children.

Iraqi Refugee Project
In 2008, CCB was part of two separate delegations that traveled to Syria to learn more about the plight of the Iraqi refugees that are living in Damascus. CCB provided humanitarian aid for the refugee children and also met with representatives from UNHCR and other experts on the crisis. CCB’s work with the Iraqi refugees has been featured in several media outlets including CNN/Comcast Newsmakers, Radio Times on NPR, WCOJ and several newspapers. They have also had their work published in Future Takes. CCB continues to do presentations about the crisis and will returning to Syria.


*CCB participated in two separate delegations to Syria to help with the Iraqi refugee crisis (May 2008 & November 2008). CCB was represented by Wendy Keslick and Dr. Mazhar Rishi. They were both given awards by the Minister of HIgher Education of Syria. Wendy Keslick has had an article about the crisis published in the international publication Future Takes.

*CCB has been able to build a relationship with an orphanage in Ethiopia. CCB has supplied the orphanage with much need supplies and area also helping with the construction of a new facility for the children.

*CCB has donated over a thousand books to children of low-income families living in southeastern Pennsylvania.

*Paricipants in the CCB Warm Caps for Babies programs have knitted hundreds of baby hats that have been distributed to those in need. The program has expanded and CCB has been working with area schools and local youth organizations.


Wendy Keslick


Wendy Keslick, President
Dr. Mazhar Rishi, Vice President
Nicole Diehl, Secretary
John Keslick, Treasurer


United States




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WEST CHESTER, PA 19381-3062

Phone: (610) 431-7385

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Support an Orphan

Give Humanitarian Aid

Children Creating Bridges Foundation Inc

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Your gift will provide life-saving infant formula and other basic needs to orphans in Ethiopia. Children Creating Bridges has a ongoing relationship with an orphanage and we are committed to helping them meet their humanitarian needs. In addition, we are helping them with the construction of a new facility that will provide a better environment for the children that they serve.

Promote Literacy

Buy a Case of Books

Children Creating Bridges Foundation Inc

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This gift will provide books that will be given directly to children of low-income families and to the pre-K and after school programs that serve them.

Promote Well-Being

Free yoga for children

Children Creating Bridges Foundation Inc

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This gift will provide a free yoga class youth in low-income communities in southeastern, Pennsylvania.