EcoHealth Alliance Inc.


Building on over 45+ years of groundbreaking science, EcoHealth Alliance is a global environmental health nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting wildlife and public health from the emergence of disease.


EcoHealth Alliance leads cutting-edge scientific research into the critical connections between human and wildlife health and delicate ecosystems. With this science, we develop solutions that prevent pandemics and promote conservation.


EcoHealth Alliance is an international nonprofit dedicated to a 'One Health' approach to protecting the health of people, animals and the environment from emerging infectious diseases. The organization formed with the merger of two highly respected organizations, Wildlife Trust and the Consortium for Conservation Medicine. The urgent concern for wildlife conservation and the overall health of our planet has led EcoHealth Alliance to become an environmental science and public health leader working to prevent pandemics in global hotspot regions across the globe and to promote conservation.

Board Members

CEO - Dr. Peter Daszak


Liberia, South Africa, Republic of Congo, CÃ ´te d'Ivoire, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Georgia, Jordan, China, Bangladesh, China, Egypt


460 West 34th Street, Ste. 1701 Floor

New York, New York 10001

Phone: 212-380-4460

Fax: 212-380-4465



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