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Did you know that Americans spend $450 billion a year on birthday, wedding, and holiday presents? There is a growing trend of people donating in a friend’s name instead of buying traditional presents. Indeed, one organization raises more than $100 million a year this way.


We make it easy for volunteer fire departments, volunteer ambulance corps, schools, teachers, and other nonprofits to capture some of that fortune. No wonder the New York Times described us as “an of the nonprofit world.”

You can even personalize a greeting card for us to send, which makes it a truly memorable gift.


Be sure to let everyone know of this opportunity. Just send this invitation.


Firefighters and First Responders, create your wish list, add your fire department or ambulance corps gifts, and share it with people who care.



Your contribution will make your favorite Fire Department even better, stronger, and more ready to serve.

Your contribution will help your favorite volunteer Ambulance Corps serve the community.