A Friend of the Forest

A Friend of the Forest

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The Problem

America's National Forests provide us with the resources, like fresh water and clean air, we need to live. They give us wild outdoors for adventure and renewal. These landscapes bind us to our history and each other. Climate change, insects, disease, invasive species, catastrophic weather events, and fire threaten these public lands today more than ever. We all need to take care of these lands because they've taken good care of us. Become a Friend of the Forest, protect your backyard National Forests. Learn more at nationalforests.org

The Gift

Your gift will help care for America's National Forests – treasured 193 million acres of remarkable beauty, clear streams, majestic mountains, open valleys, and so much more. Your support will also help ensure all Americans have an opportunity to connect with these lands and experience the amazing gifts they offer. Let's protect our public lands together.