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Empower rural women

Health care organizing

Family Care International

Regular price $250.00

This gift will pay for a community organizer to work with a remote West African village for 3 months — building relationships with community leaders and providing information about women’s right to lifesaving maternity care. This FCI project teaches women to demand the services that can save their lives, and in the process it transforms families and empowers villages. But there are many villages, and...

Educate Porters

1 wk First Aid Course

International Mountain Explorers Connection

Regular price $100.00

This gift will provide for the two Porter Instructors' salaries for a 1 week certification course in First Aid in which a class size of 15 porters, living in the village areas surrounding Kilimanjaro, can be certified in First Aid.

Educate on AIDS

2 vaccine kits

International Aids Vaccine Initiative Inc

Regular price $52.00

Your donation will pay for two AIDS Vaccine Literacy Toolkits for people in the developing world where the epidemic is the most serious and where people have limited access to health education. The primary purpose of this Vaccine Literacy Toolkit project is to provide materials and tools that are culturally relevant for the individual needs of countries, communities and audiences, but that contain accurate, globally...

Educate Congress

Health advocacy

Global Health Council

Regular price $250.00

Your donation will advance advocacy efforts for change in global health by contributing to informational events (briefings) and short publications (policy briefs) for Congress. Because Congress is often inundated with information, they need digestible and usable information that can be used to better inform U.S. policy. The Council’s events and publications do just that. The briefings educate people in Washington by having preeminent researchers, providers...

Cure Hydrocephalus

One shunt for a child

CURE International Inc

Regular price $50.00

This gift will provide one child with a shunt, used to drain the fluid and relieve the pressure on the brain.

Counsel and Test

HIV services for 50

International Aids Vaccine Initiative Inc

Regular price $175.00

Your donation will cover the costs of one outing of a Mobile Voluntary Counseling and Testing Unit. Access to healthcare clinics is often very limited for those in rural areas, so mobile teams take the services to the people. One team can provide HIV counseling and testing to over 50 clients a day. Access to these services helps educate people on how to stay HIV-negative...

Control Disease

10 mosquito nets

Winrock International

Regular price $120.00

Your gift will purchase 10 mosquito nets treated with insect repellent that will be distributed to girls receiving scholarships to go to primary or secondary school. Use of mosquito nets dramatically reduces the incidence of malaria and the sicknesses associated with it. Healthy girls are better students and excel in school. Treated mosquito nets protect girls from malaria.

Buy Mosquito Nets

350 mosquito nets

Amazon Promise

Regular price $1,000.00

This gift will provide approximately 350 individuals with insecticide-treated mosquito nets that will protect them against infectious diseases like malaria, leishmaniasis, dengue fever, and yellow fever. It will also protect against bat and snake bites which are common in the Amazon!

Build a Prototype!

30 min. of design work

Design that Matters Inc

Regular price $5.00

Your gift will leverage 30 minutes of low cost design services to develop the next phase of the DtM Infant Incubator, in order to provide improved neonatal care to the developing world.

Aid Recovery

2 household appliances

Associacao Saude Crianca Renascer

Regular price $50.00

Your donation covers the average cost to provide two electrical appliances (including fans, irons, and blenders) for the families of sick children, to help them recover more quickly.

Aid Recovery

4 toys for children

Associacao Saude Crianca Renascer

Regular price $20.00

We will buy a toy for each of four children in a family, helping to aid their recovery and provide them with happy moments.

Advocate for Health

One hour of advocacy

Global Health Council

Regular price $76.00

The Global Health Council, for many years, creates a bridge between Congress and global health programs to make sure that our legislators know what is needed to improve the lives of the world’s poor. The Global Health Council, working with its members, serves as a strong voice for civil society in Washington. The overall goal of the Council's advocacy efforts is to improve the health...

Advance Science

Computer for a lab

International Aids Vaccine Initiative Inc

Regular price $1,000.00

Your gift will provide a computer for one of our nine field sites across East and Southern Africa. AIDS vaccine clinical studies are very complex and data intensive, so local scientists need access to high-tech computers. Your support will ensure that these local researchers have all the tools they need in their search for an AIDS vaccine. AIDS vaccine research requires complicated technology. Your gift...

Adopt a clinic

Maternal care reform

Family Care International

Regular price $500.00

This gift will support the transformation of a dysfunctional rural clinic into one that provides high-quality, life-saving maternal care for women in its community. An FCI program in Kenya and Tanzania works with the managers and staff members in local health centers, equipping and empowering them to bring about urgently-needed improvements. Beyond their clinical skills, they learn how to work with health officials to get...