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The only professional organization of grantmakers active in the field, Grantmakers In Aging (GIA) encourages foundations to invest in programs that directly or indirectly serve the needs of the growing number of older adults.


GIA is dedicated to promoting and strengthening grantmaking for an aging society.


During the next several decades, the large Age Boom will affect virtually all aspects of American society. Unfortunately, our nation and communities are currently ill-prepared for many of these changes. GIA provides a wide range of information, resources, and networking opportunities to help foundations and other funders interested in aging-related issues develop new programs to meet the unique needs of this diverse and growing population. GIA’s work includes a dynamic national conference, one-on-one support to interested grantmakers, regional issue forums and discussions, along with outreach to community foundation programs.


Each gift to GIA will help support foundations’ efforts to fund needed services; enable all older adults to live healthier, independent, and more vital lives; and create more elder-friendly communities.


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Each year world-wide and national experts in the field of aging present leading-edge information to attendees at GIA's annual conference. Since 1999, GIA has sponsored a conference Fellows Program to recognize outstanding regional graduate and postdoctoral students who are interested in gerontology. Fellows receive a stipend covering conference participation, materials, lodging, and travel. In turn; Fellows summarize session information for publication in a conference highlights...