Guatemalan Humanitarian Tours


Building Bridges, Not Walls. To create a win/win experience for the participants we take and the people we get to serve.


We show volunteers the reality of life in a developing country and offer love, and hope to the Guatemalans we serve.


I've been leading humanitarian trips to do service work, explore and have a blast for the last 7 years.


Primary recipient - school aged children living in poverty. Right now we are offering them gifts to relieve financial stress and bring smiles. Such as school supplies, backpacks and toys. When we get larger donations we will begin a free breakfast and free lunch program for the children who are not getting those meals and paying tuition for students who can't.


We have donated thousands of pounds of books, backpacks, food, toys, hair bows, hugs, tons of love. We have helped install wood burning stoves and left homes with a water filter, stove, cooking supplies and money for food.

Goals this year

To create 4 teams of 10 to do good work and have a blast!

Chief Executives

Tobie Spears - Founder

Tobie graduated from the University of Utah with degrees in Sociology and Political Science and a Certificate in Criminology. She is lucky enough to have an awesome husband and two amazing daughters.

Tobie fell in love with traveling when she was 17 and backpacked through Europe and drove from Utah to Canada. After college she started traveling with her husband and daughters and in 2013 they drove from Utah to Guatemala where they lived, worked and volunteered for 3 months. Tobie stays busy working as a birth and postpartum doula and running the non- profit organization Guatemalan Humanitarian Tours where she leads 11 day tours exploring the country, giving back, and having a blast while learning about life and how others live.

Board Members

Darrin Baxter

Dana Ball

Billie Spears

Jen Wright

Will Bessette

Mike Swenson




Chimaltengo, Panajachel, Monterrico, El Tejar, Tecpan, Antigua,


801-830-0310 Tobie Spears

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