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Yes, that's right. You can make the world a better place in just one minute a day.

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Here are four ways to make an even greater impact to alleviate hunger (or any favorite cause):

  1. Have a minute? Share this ambassador program with friends and classmates.
  2. Have just 4 hours per week? Join our nonprofit, which the New York Times called, "an of the nonprofit world" as a Community Engagement Intern. Raise awareness at your college, and help nonprofits that combat hunger capture some of the fortune that is now spent on traditional presents.
  3. Have 10 to 40 hours per week? Join Changing The Presentas a Virtual Intern.
  4. Visit to give donations as meaningful presents or just to make a difference, and create a charitable wish list to encourage friends to give in your name.

Do you care about other causes?

See the growing list where our College Ambassador One Minute For Good program lets you make an impact.

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