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"I believe that all people with disabilities are members of a global family. Working together across borders is our most powerful way of effecting changes."

-Susan Sygall, CEO, Mobility International USA
Recipient, MacArthur Fellowship

Mobility International USA (MIUSA) works to ensure a just, accessible and inclusive community in which the human rights, citizenship, contribution and the potential of people with disabilites are respected and celebrated. MIUSA is a cross-disability organization serving those with cognitive, hearing, learning, psychiatric, physical, systemic, vision and other disabilities.


Empowering people with disabilities around the world to achieve their human rights through international exchange and international development.


MIUSA International Exchange Programs

MIUSA's international exchange programs last from 2-4 weeks and are held throughout the year in the US and abroad. MIUSA has worked with people with and without disabilities from more than 80 countries. Activities include living with homestay families, leadership seminars, disability rights workshops, cross-cultural learning, and teambuilding activities such as river rafting and challenge courses. Participants develop strategies for making changes, both within themselves and in their communities. Focused programs have been developed for youth, young adults, parents, professionals and women.

International Development & Disability

Committed to infusing the disability perspective into international development issues, MIUSA collaborates with international agencies to ensure that people with disabilities participate fully and equally at all levels of the development process: as beneficiaries, volunteers, trainers, field staff, administrators and policy makers. Using world-renowned consultants, MIUSA provides technical assistance to governmental and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) working toward inclusive policy and programming. MIUSA offers organization assessments, staff training, gender planning, networking lists of disability-led NGOs and conference presentations.

Women, Disability and Development

MIUSA works for empowerment, equal opportunities and human rights for women and girls with disabilities around the world. MIUSA's Loud, Proud & Passionate!® projects focus on infusing the perspectives of women with disabilities into international women's movements and development agendas.

National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange (NCDE)

Since 1995, MIUSA has served as the National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange (NCDE), a project sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State and managed by MIUSA to: educate people with disabilities and related organizations about international exchange opportunities; increase the participation of people with disabilities in the full range of international volunteer, study, work and research programs; advise international exchange organizations about the Americans with Disabilities Act; and facilitate partnerships between people with disabilities, disability-related organizations and international exchange organizations.


"MIUSA can proudly claim responsibility for the tremendous part it has played in integrating disability concerns into U.S. foreign policy and the world of international educational exchange. Today, people with disabilities are included in just about every exchange program conducted by the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs (ECA). From MIUSA's encouragement, in part, ECA has made access for people with disabilities a requirement of many of our funded programs." - Diana S. Aronson, Future Leaders Exchange, U.S. Department of State

"Mobility International USA joined InterAction in 1998 and has been an essential catalyst within the coalition that has successfully influenced member NGOs to extend the commitments they have made to diversity and equity to also include people with disabilities. All too often people with disabilities live in poverty and isolation. If development is to truly address the needs of the poor and marginalized, the inclusion of people with disabilities is crucial. The work of MIUSA remains invaluable to the coalition as each member strives to meet the commitment made." - Ken Giunta, Senior Director, Standards & Member Services, InterAction


Susan Sygall, co-founder and CEO of Mobility International USA, is an internationally recognized expert in the area of international educational exchange and leadership programs for persons with disabilities. Sygall, who uses a wheelchair, has had a personal and professional commitment to disability rights and women's issues for more than 25 years. She has co-authored numerous publications in the area of international exchange and international development opportunities for persons with disabilities and co-produced several award winning videos. Sygall has lectured throughout the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia on a variety of topics related to international exchange and disability rights, and has traveled to more than 25 countries.

Sygall has received numerous awards for her passionate advocacy for disability rights, including the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship in 2000. Sygall has also been awarded a Graduate Rotary Scholarship, the Rotary Scholar Alumni Achievement Award, the Humanitarian Award from the Jewish Federation, a Tom and Ruth Rivers Scholarship and a Women to Watch Award from the Jewish Woman Magazine. She was named Disabled Oregonian of the Year in 1994 and received the Kellogg National Fellowship, which is awarded to approximately 40 outstanding leaders each year in the United States. In 1995, Sygall received the President's Award from President Bill Clinton for her dynamic leadership in international exchange programs for people with disabilities, for her mentorship of young people with disabilities, and for her active role throughout our country and the world in empowering people with disabilities.


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Support Translation

Workshop translation

Mobility International USA

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Your gift will assist with language translation for MIUSA's Women's Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD). The WILD program brings together disabled women leaders from around the world to build skills and exchange strategies to improve the lives of women and girls with disabilities. Support for language interpretation gives women with less formal education the opportunity to participate in this life-changing program. WILD workshops are...

Empower Women

Leadership training

Mobility International USA

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This gift will provide a sponsorship for a woman with a disability to participate in Mobility International USA's Women's Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD). This 3-week, life-changing program challenges women from around the world to go beyond their preconceived notions. Disabled women flourish through interactive workshops, an outdoor ropes challenge course and whitewater rafting. WILD women truly are changing the world as they return...