Northside Youth And Senior Service Center


NSYSSC is a non profit community center serving youth, seniors and families of color in the City of St. Louis. The center provides a place of where young and old will have opportunities to learn and grow, to build dreams and friendships, and to maintain and strengthen their ties to the vibrant St. Louis Community.


Our mission is to support healthy aging through nutrition, medical transportation and wellness activities and to nurture the young through education, mentoring, and health promotion.


Our center was founded in 1973, as Northside Community Center, to prevent hunger among African American Older Adults and access to affordable housing. During the 1980's, the Center added youth programs to address youth violence and drug abuse. The housing program was spun off in 2003. The Center was renamed as Northside Youth And Senior Service Center which clarified its mission to serve the needs of these two vulnerable groups.


Our programs for the elderly include Meals on Wheels, Congregate Meals, Medical Transportation and Fall Prevention. For youth, we offer after school enrichment, recreation, access to higher education, summer camp and mentoring.


1) To create a better tomorrow in the community today by creating programs that promote community values, diversity and individuality through our “uniqueness†; 2) To cherish the gifts of the young, mature and aged that empower the residents with the resources to fulfill their promise within the community; 3) To honor the values and nurture the skills of the young; and to support the leadership, strengths and wisdom of adults and elders

Goals this year

Our goals is to support the nutritional needs of seniors while sheltering at home during the pandemic and provide essential transportation for medical and pharmacy visits. Our youth goals will focus on ensuring access to technology and familiarity with online learning tools.

Chief Executives

Kameron Murphy, President is the President is an attorney that advises employers on labor relations, wage and hour issues, personnel policies, and in employee discipline and termination matters. He also represents Missouri and Illinois employers on labor law issues including union election campaigns, collective bargaining negotiations, grievance resolution and arbitration, and unfair labor practice proceedings.

Leon Threat, MSW, Executive Director, has been employed at Northside since 1994 working first as a youth director, development director and as the interim executive director. Leon has over 30 years of success leading programs, raising funds, managing finances, building policies and procedures, inspiring teams and boosting performance through visionary leadership.

Board Members

Kenneth Bell

Charles Bryson, II

Judge Michael Jamison

Patrick Karpen

Kameron Murphy

Valerie Peterson




St. Louis City


Northside Youth And Senior Service Center

4120 Maffitt Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63113

(314) 531-4161

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