BuckeyeThon Teams: Raise More Money to Help More Kids


Now, teams can raise even more money to help even more kids! Capture some of the $450 billion Americans spend every year on birthday, wedding, and holiday presents.

1. Give it as a Present
Instead of buying yet more "stuff" to give as presents, use this site to make a meaningful charitable donation in a friend's name. Find your favorite team below (not yet listed? invite them!), select their charitable gift, and donate any amount. The team and the specified member will both be credited with the donation. Personalized greeting cards make it truly memorable.

2. Get Others to Give it as a Present
Encourage friends and family members who are considering presents (for you, for one another, or for others) to give your team's charitable gift donation as a present. Again, the team and the specified member will both be credited with the donation. Be sure to create a Wish List and add your team's charitable gift to it.

3. Student Profile Pages
Team members: create your Profile Page to show what you care about, improve your online reputation, and appear on your team page.

Register your team now! Just use the form at the bottom of the page.
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