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Briefing Congress

Educate your rep

Global Security Institute

Regular price $175.00

Our DC-based Bipartisan Security Group provides Members of Congress and their staff with the credible, experienced, insightful information on nuclear weapons policy that they need to make informed decisions that make our country and our world safer, now. The BSG is comprised of former diplomats, intelligence officers, lawyers and other experts, from BOTH sides of the aisle, providing an authoritative view on the most pressing...

BAN Tour 2010

1 Med. Student Rider

International Physicians For The Prevention Of Nuclear War

Regular price $100.00

Medical students and young doctors from all over the world refuse to accept the irrational nuclear status guo and this grave threat to global health and human survival. We, the young generation of doctors, decision makers and inhabitants of this planet have to take a close look at the nuclear inheritance we are about to receive. In medicine, when there is no cure or treatment...