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Per Scholas makes the benefits of computer technology available to low-income communities. Operating out of the South Bronx, Per Scholas brings $5 million dollars of business activity each year to the poorest Congressional district in the nation.


Per Scholas is committed to bridging the digital divide for low income communities in the United States, through providing opportunities in technology and education.


Our Comp2Kids program was inspired by the premise that if every teacher and student in low-income schools had a home computer with internet access, the entire teaching/learning experience can be improved. Comp2Kids partners with public schools in which over 75% of the student population does not have access to a home computer. We offer training to students in safe and effective computer usage and we provide training to teachers in utilizing technology to plan lessons, drive instruction and disaggregate data. After students and teachers fulfill their required training, Comp2Kids provides every student and teacher with a personal computer.

Similarly, our Comp2Seniors Program provides home computers and training to low-income older adults that would otherwise be unable to afford a home computer. Seniors receive a Per Scholas computer delivered to their home after they have fulfilled the necessary training courses.


Comp2Kids partners with schools serving low income communities demonstrating a high level of need both academically and technologically. While improving school climate can not be exclusively attributed to Comp2Kids, all of our schools demonstrate improved computer literacy rates, higher attendance rates and increased standardized tests scores after partnering with us.

Our Comp2Seniors Program improves the quality of life for older adults. Seniors with a computer become better informed on issues that are important to their lives. Engaging in stimulating mental activity on the computer helps seniors to feel less prone to feelings of isolation and depression.


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Bronx, NY 10474
Phone: (718) 991-8400
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Help A Child Learn

School supplies for one

Per Scholas

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The gift of basic school supplies facilitates a child’s learning and creativity. It allows them to focus on their learning environment rather than focusing on how to find materials which they are lacking. Even though something as common as a pencil or pen can be easily overlooked, without them the child can not take their spelling test, practice arithmetic, or write stories. With a box...