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Public Radio International (PRI) is public radio's leading source for innovative programming and audio content. Based in Minneapolis, the network provides over 400 hours of programming each week, content that is broadcast and streamed online by its 750 affiliates nationwide. PRI's programming is available on XM Public Radio. PRI owns Public Interactive LLC, public broadcasting’s leading Web services company.


To engage listeners with distinctive radio programs that provide information, insights and cultural experiences essential to understanding a diverse, interdependent world.


PRI distributes more than 400 hours of weekly programming that includes a wide variety of news, classical and entertainment offerings. Some of PRI's most well-known programs and services are: BBC World Service, PRI's The World, The Tavis Smiley Show,
Fair Game from PRI with Faith Salie, Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know?®, PRI's Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen, This American Life, Classical 24®, and Sounds Eclectic.


PRI is known for driving innovation in public radio through partnerships with stations, independent producers, and other organizations, and for working collaboratively to pool resources, share risk and cultivate new talent. PRI affiliate stations reach 29 million listeners weekly, and PRI programming is heard by 11.1 million listeners each week.


Alisa Miller


United States


100 North Sixth Street
Suite 900A
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Phone: (612) 338-5000
EIN: 41-1425271


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Expert interviews

Public Radio International, Inc.

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Public radio has never been more important. It is an indispensable source of news and cultural experiences for 29 million weekly listeners. It is an irreplaceable forum for content that commercial radio providers overlook. PRI has helped to make the system what it is today by investing $90 million over 20 years to partner with visionary producers and pursue breakthrough ideas. Resulting projects include PRI’s...

Protect Journalists

Safety training

Public Radio International, Inc.

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Hostile environment safety training has become an increasingly essential part of preparing journalists for covering international conflicts. This type of training is uniquely designed to deal with the challenging work of journalists. Through various presentations, discussions and role plays, journalists acquire the knowledge to better evaluate the risks they run while working in hostile environments. Your financial support will enable PRI to provide our journalists...

Translate Interviews

Journalist interpreter

Public Radio International, Inc.

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According to the code of ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists, “public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of modern democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues." When encountering language or cultural barriers on assignment, journalists must rely on the expertise of interpreters...

Equip A Reporter

Journalism supplies

Public Radio International, Inc.

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Whether on assignment at home or abroad, journalists count on various supplies to ensure their safety and their ability to deliver the most in-depth reports. Your donation will help provide numerous invaluable items to journalists around the world, such as: Audio and Recording Devices; Cameras/Lenses; Laptop Computers and Accessories; Satellite Phones; International Power; Adapters/Phone Converter Kit; and First Aid Kits.

Rent A Studio

One week of recording

Public Radio International, Inc.

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PRI co-produces two award-winning programs: The World (with WGBH in Boston and the BBC World Service in London) and Studio 360 (with WNYC in New York). In addition, PRI distributes many of public radio’s most admired programs, including the BBC World Service and This American Life. Over 11 million people listen to PRI programs each week on 750 affiliate public radio stations across the country....