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We are adding charitable gifts from nonprofits that meet needs in South Africa.


If you have favorite organizations, please let us know. Contact information appears at the bottom of the page. 


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Keep Kids Healthy!

Health Costs for Kids

Keep a Child Alive

Regular price $20.00

This gift will pay for the health costs of one child headed household for one year at Ikageng Itireleng in South Africa. Growing children have a variety of routine health needs and problems that, while easy to care of in the Western world, are heavy burdens for child-headed households. Your donation ensures that these brave children will stay healthy, and be able to devote more...

Keep Kids Healthy!

Medicine for Children

Keep a Child Alive

Regular price $125.00

This gift will pay for all multivitamins and pediatric syrups at the Blue Roof Clinic in South Africa for one month. When infected with HIV, total health becomes even more crucial, especially for vulnerable young children. Your $125 donation will keep children healthy from preventable illnesses for one full year at the Blue Roof!