Sundara is a non-profit organization that recycles hotel soap and operates across India, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa and Myanmar. Sundara hires widows, victims of domestic violence and single mothers, employing over 40 women at a fair wage and training them to become community hygiene ambassadors, teaching basic hygiene and health practices in their villages. To date, Sundara has distributed a million bars of soap, reaching over 200,000 children each month, while working with partners like Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott. Sundara has been recognized by BBC, CNN, Forbes and the national government of India.


We are on a mission to reduce preventable hygiene related diseases and deaths in vulnerable populations (especially children and women) through sustainable solutions that involve female empowerment, local involvement and intensive, innovative hygiene education systems.


India, Uganda, Myanmar, Rwanda, South Africa

Contact,, 6177917940

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