The National Center on Family Homelessness

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The National Center on Family Homelessness (The National Center) is the nation’s only research and social action organization dedicated solely to helping homeless children and families. By developing model programs, effective services, and innovative technical assistance, The National Center works to stabilize the lives of homeless families.


To discover what works, to educate and inspire, and to take action to end family homelessness.


The National Center currently manages 12 projects in 47 states. Each project seeks innovative solutions to meet the needs of homeless children and their families. Our activities include: research and evaluation to understand the causes and consequences of family homelessness; innovative programs that respond to the unique needs of homeless families; training and technical assistance to communities and service providers to enhance their capacity to help homeless families; networking with providers, consumers, programs, community leaders, and policymakers to achieve improvement and change.


The National Center is at the forefront of understanding homelessness, its correlates and consequences, the people it affects, and the most effective ways of reducing its incidence and impact. We have been instrumental in establishing a body of knowledge that informs programs and policies across the country, including the seminal study of homeless families that placed this issue on our nation’s policy agenda.


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Promote Child Health

Shelter worker training

The National Center on Family Homelessness

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Your donation will help train shelter workers in Greater Boston to teach young homeless children and their parents about good nutrition, physical activity, and how to deal with the stress of being homeless. The program emphasizes the importance of staying physically and emotionally healthy in order to meet the challenges of homelessness. The trainings help shelter workers teach children about traumatic stress and what to...

Promote Research

40 homeless articles

The National Center on Family Homelessness

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Your donation will provide 40 copies of research articles that contain the latest findings around the issue of family homelessness. These articles will be given to policymakers, shelter workers, and community-level providers to ensure they understand how best to help homeless families. Thanks to your gift, these decision-makers and service providers will learn about the causes and consequences of family homelessness. This will give them...