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Lend A Hand

One self-cleaning toilet

Homes for Our Troops

Regular price $400.00

Your gift will provide one self-cleaning toilet to an injured veteran, which will wash and dry eliminating the need for wiping. For a person with no arms or with prosthetics it is a necessity.

Help Vets Connect

Create an Empowered Community

Veterans for America

Regular price $43.00

Building on lessons from service in four wars, Veterans for America galvanizes new war veterans nationwide, creating an empowered community and space to share common experiences. We raise awareness about challenges facing returning veterans and promote common-sense solutions. Our website and community blogs provide an active atmosphere to share experiences among those who understand their challenges. Veterans For America’s website serves as a unique portal...

Find New Solutions

2 hours of research

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Regular price $50.00

This gift will provide 2 hours of research to identify the needs of homeless veterans and innovative approaches to addressing them. This is the foundation of NCHV's education and service network building initiatives. NCHV has helped fuel the development of innovative approaches to helping homeless veterans stand tall again. Learning about new programs that work, and sharing that information with service providers across the country...

Expedite Aid

One month of relief

Veterans for America

Regular price $7,000.00

Veterans for America’s Information Management & Mine Action program has deployed a geographic information specialist to Africa who will help coordinate transportation of relief supplies, ensuring that aid will quickly reach all the affected communities. Working with the support of the United Nations, he is managing the collection and analysis of on-the-ground humanitarian relief efforts and coordinating this information flow to a number of agencies....

Ease Showering

One roll-in shower

Homes for Our Troops

Regular price $2,500.00

Your gift will provide one roll-in shower to an injured veteran, to help maintain their dignity by enabling them to get themselves in and out of the shower in privacy without needing additional help from others.

Build Service Networks

2 hours of collaboration

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will provide 2 hours of staff work to help steer potential housing and service providers to resources, capital, and experts in the field who can turn vision into reality. In partnership with other national organizations such as the Corporation for Supportive Housing, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Labor, State Directors of Veterans Affairs, and municipal public assistance agencies, NCHV...

Assist Veterans

Gasoline and groceries

Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

Regular price $25.00

The Coalition has provided more than $36,000 in emergency financial funding to injured war on terror veterans and their families. For example, through the distribution of Wal-Mart Gift Cards the Coalition has been able to provide gasoline and groceries Your donation will purchase a gift card, which can help provide the gasoline and groceries, as well as cases of diapers, baby wipes and other personal...

Adapt Homes

Homes for veterans

Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

Regular price $500.00

The Coalition has built 6 disability-adapted homes for either newly blind or paralyzed veterans. The Coalition is pursuing an alliance with two other organizations that will expand both the building of homes and home repair and modification to a larger portion of disabled veterans. Your gift will support The Coalition's efforts to provide adapted homes to disabled veterans.