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Here is something you will love, and it is especially timely with the holiday season upon us.


None of our friends and loved ones need any more neckties, fuzzy slippers, or giant cans of popcorn., a nonprofit that The NY Times called, "an of the nonprofit world,” offers a more rewarding and meaningful way to show our love. Visitors can donate to fund specific charitable donations in their friend's name (fund an hour of cancer research, preserve an acre of the rainforest, etc.), and give it as a gift. Personalized printed greeting cards make it especially meaningful.


Likewise, if you would rather that people donate in your name, instead of buying you yet more "stuff," simply create a charitable wish list on the site, and let them know about it.


Please share this opportunity with everyone you can.


Imagine the impact we can all make together as more and more people adopt this increasingly-popular type of gift-giving and as we channel to nonprofits more of the $450 billion Americans spend each year on birthday, wedding, and holiday presents.



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This year, give meaningful gifts: charitable donations in a friend's name instead of yet more "stuff." makes it easy and rewarding. Create a wish list and let friends know that you would welcome the same.


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