Your Fans' and Followers' Birthdays Can Help Battle COVID-19

An Outpouring of Generosity


Hundreds of actors, athletes, musicians, influencers, business leaders, and other luminaries have generously donated or lent their voices to support the important work of the many nonprofits battling COVID-19.


Still, even more is needed.


Here is how you can easily inspire your fans and followers to join in to make an even greater difference during this critical time.

Here is How You Can Inspire Your Fans to Help


Americans spend $450 billion (yes, billion with a “B”) a year on birthday, wedding, and holiday presents, and every day another million of us have a birthday. Sadly, much of that fortune is spent on gifts that are not very rewarding.


Many people would be more receptive than ever to dedicating their birthday to raise money to fight the pandemic. Many would be glad to show their love by making a meaningful donation, in lieu of buying yet more merchandise. Imagine the impact! Each 1% of the money now spent on presents would provide another $4.5 billion to save and improve lives.

It Takes Just Two Things to Get People to Do This

1. A Gift-Like Experience

Most people will only request or give charitable donations instead of presents if the experience feels like a meaningful and rewarding present. Few nonprofits can do that, so our nonprofit,, does it for them. We provide tangible charitable gift opportunities (such as a week of meals for a family or an hour of medical research), personalized greeting cards, wish lists and registries, gift cards, and more. No wonder The New York Times called us an “ of the nonprofit world.


2. Someone to Inspire Them

The same celebrities and influencers who have given so generously could inspire their millions of fans to request or give meaningful donations instead of buying yet more "stuff" as presents. In many cases, they can generate even more than they gave.


An Easy and Effective Way to Engage and Motivate People


We will gladly provide leaders with their own personalized fundraising page like the sample at the bottom of this page. Along with our site's rewarding gift-like experience, those pages can inspire fans to join them in supporting their favorite nonprofit with some of the fortune they normally spend on presents. For those leaders who want, we can even show the amount raised or encourage participation with matching gifts, donor recognition, rewards, and other benefits.

An Invitation


We hope that everyone who is influential will join us to help capture this tremendous resource in the battle against the pandemic. We already have 400 leading nonprofits on the site, and we are glad to add your favorites.

Let’s Speak


We look forward to discussing this opportunity and answering any questions. You can reach us at:




Thank you very much!