Nonprofit Cancer Internships and Volunteer Roles


Manhattan OR Remote / Virtual / Work from Home


Many students, recent graduates, and professionals have lost (or been unable to find) internships or jobs due to COVID-19. We feel so bad for all those who have been impacted in that way.


While we cannot pay, our nonprofit does offer an outstanding opportunity to use your skills, gain experience, enhance your resume, and make a tremendous positive social impact on the causes or communities you care about, including Cancer.



Greatest Impact

This may be the single best opportunity for you to make the greatest possible positive impact in the world.



Who Is It For?

We have many roles to fill here, so we need high-achieving interns and volunteers with a range of experience. We therefore welcome:

  • Professionals who want to volunteer part-time
  • "Dependent Spouses" of H1-B, F1, and L1 visa holders
  • Recent graduates, including international students on OPT
  • Undergraduate and graduate school students, including international students on CPT, who want to intern or to join us as a school ambassador
  • Outstanding high school students, who want to intern or to join us as a school ambassador


Credit for Students

Internships with ChangingThePresent are eligible for credit from many schools, and we are happy to do our part to meet the school's requirements.




We are always hiring: school year or summer; full-time or part-time.



About Us is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The New York Times called us an “ of the nonprofit world.


We make the experience of a donation, which you can give in a friend’s name, feel like a rewarding present and an appealing alternative to buying and giving yet more unwanted "stuff." In this way, we are starting to channel to nonprofits some of the $450 billion Americans spend each year buying birthday, wedding, holiday, and corporate presents. Imagine how much good we could all do together as more of that money goes to making a difference.


  • Our visitors can contribute to provide school children with their first book, preserve an acre of the wilderness, fund an hour of cancer research, etc.
  • Wish lists and registries let them share their dreams for a better world.
  • Personalized greeting cards make a charitable gift especially memorable. Gift cards let friends support the things they care about.


We already work with hundreds of the most prestigious nonprofits in the country, and we are now opening the site to all nonprofits so they can all attract additional funding for their important missions.



Unprecedented Opportunities for Responsibility and Leadership

Our interns and volunteers get more responsibility than they would anywhere else. You can take a leadership role.



Focus on Cancer Nonprofits

We seek high-achieving interns and volunteers who want to take a leadership role and make a difference for the cause of Cancer.


You can also choose to focus on your favorite causes (including education, hunger, women, children, cancer, human rights, environment, women, veterans, etc.) or the charitable needs of any ethnic group, religious group, city, or country. Please see the growing list of causes, countries, cities, ethnic groups, and religious groups on which we focus at


For Cancer and Every Cause, Interns and Volunteers Will do the Following:

  • Identify, research, prioritize, and invite potential Advisors and Experts.
  • Identify, research, prioritize, and invite nonprofits, who can register and list their charitable gifts at no cost. The opportunity for them is discussed in the slideshow on this page:
  • Identify, research, prioritize, and pitch magazines, websites, blogs, professional organizations, social media channels, online communities, and other ways to reach people who care about each specific cause.
  • Identify, research, and pitch strategic partners for the cause.
  • Identify, research, prioritize, and pitch sources of growth funding (philanthropists, corporations, or foundations)
  • Conceive of and create cause marketing sponsorship proposals.
  • Identify and invite the promotional support of celebrities who support the cause/community.



Focus on Ethnic, Religious, City, or Country Communities

We also have opportunities to focus on the charitable needs of any ethnic, religious, city, or country communities.



Opportunities for Most Areas of Academic / Professional Focus

We also have positions that align with a wide range of academic and professional fields, including business development, analytics, finance, accounting, technology, web development, Salesforce, database, computer science, science, STEM education, marketing, digital marketing, communications, social media, publishing, Human Resources, organizational psychology, research, education, and graphics.



Specific Markets

Some interns focus on specific markets, such as the high school market, college market, wedding market, or corporate gift market.



You Benefit

We want all our interns to get the following from their experience here:

  • Make a tremendous positive impact in the world.
  • Use your skills, experience, knowledge, creativity and talent.
  • Assume responsibility and take a leadership role.
  • Learn a tremendous amount.
  • Work with people from around the world in a diverse and supportive community, and have a great time.
  • Enhance your resume with a record of professional achievement and community service.
  • Receive a great letter of recommendation.




We welcome full-time and part-time interns during the school year and/or the summer. We are entrepreneurial and flexible, and we are always hiring.




Our office is conveniently located at 7th Avenue and 33 Streets in Manhattan. We also have interns who work remotely (as are all of us during the pandemic).



More Info and How to Apply

Please see this page for more information about our internships and volunteer opportunities for more information. To apply, please send a short cover note and resume to Join [AT] ChangingThePresent [DOT] org We will get back to you very quickly.



Please Share

We hope you will also share this opportunity with anyone who might be interested.


Thank you very much!