Give (or Request) a Gift That Matters: Support for Our Veterans


A New $450 Billion Source of Funding to Help Veterans

More and more of us are showing our love by making a meaningful charitable donation in a friend's name instead of buying yet more unneeded and unwanted merchandise. Our nonprofit site makes it easy and rewarding.

We are especially honored to support the cause of Veterans. Imagine how much good we could do with some of the $450 billion Americans spend each year on birthday, wedding, and holiday presents. Each 1% of that is $4.5 billion a year!

We show below four easy ways to help veterans. You can also help them by sharing this page with others.  

We Make it Meaningful

Select from thousands of charitable gifts from leading nonprofits that help support veterans.

Your Favorite Nonprofit

You can also donate here to support the important work of any veterans nonprofit in the country.  

Charitable Wish Lists and Registries

Empower your friends to support the veterans nonprofit of their choice.

Charitable Wish Lists and Registries

Encourage others to donate in your name to help veterans instead of buying you yet more"stuff."

More Ways to Help Veterans:

    • Join us as an intern and volunteer. Work virtually (online) from one minute a day (that is not a typo) to full-time, and on your own flexible schedule.
    • Share this page with your friends.
    • Let your favorite nonprofits know that they can join this site for free.