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How to extract a URL from a hyperlink on Excel


Index vs VLookUp



VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is the programming language of Excel and other Office programs.


Line break character = Ctrl+J



Image Manipulation



Computer windows search



LinkClump - to get links from web pages



Chrome Plugins  - see engagement data on any Instagram account

Colorzilla - find the color on any web page

WhatFont - see what any font is on any web page


Bring Google View Image Back - what it says



Video Conferencing



Record Videos


Social Media Management and Tracking  - see engagement data on any Instagram account



capture an animated GIF image of a screen (useful for doing a demo or showing a problem)

software is called ‘ScreenToGif’,

free and very easy to use in capturing windows or specific areas on a screen and then exporting as a GIF or even video file, but generally I find GIF’s work best as you can drag n drop or paste into Forum posts, emails.

The user interface allows for easy capturing, with the ability to add text, crop, resize, transitions, detailed export settings and more…

ts available only for Windows OS I believe:

There is a Mac alternative, though I haven’t tried or tested: 2