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Adopt A Jaguar

Adopt A Jaguar

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As recently as 80 years ago, jaguars ranged as far north as the Grand Canyon in Arizona, but were eliminated from their U.S. range due to habitat loss, over hunting, and control measures to protect domestic livestock. A fragile population of jaguars is now fighting extinction in the northern Mexican state of Sonora. These jaguars still occasionally visit Arizona and New Mexico and they offer hope for the jaguar’s return to U.S. soil.

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Defenders of Wildlife is striving to protect the northernmost jaguar population in Sonora, Mexico. We are working to secure migratory routes from northern Mexico to the southwest U.S. and to protect suitable habitat in Arizona and New Mexico. We are building support among local ranchers and property owners to pave the way for a harmonious sharing of the land with jaguars. Just as important, we are spearheading efforts in Congress to create permanent funding to conserve the jaguar and other big cats around the world. Your gift to Adopt A Jaguar will help Defenders save jaguars and other imperiled wildlife.