Gift Cards in Bulk

Gift Cards in Bulk

Minimum quantity for bulk orders is 6 gift cards. For smaller orders, please see this.

The Gift

You can give the gift of a meaningful charitable donation in the name of each person on your list of friends, employees, clients, or customers. Give them Changing The Present gift cards! Each recipient can redeem the gift cards on this site to change the world in exactly the ways they want. They can support any of our thousands of charitable gifts, any nonprofit in the country, or any school or teacher.

This Page is for Bulk Purchases

This page is for the purchase of at least six cards at a time. Select your denomination and quantity below. If you want other card amounts, just send us a note.

If you want fewer cards, see this page.

Payment Limits

If you pay with PayPal, transactions are limited to $5,000.

If you use the Shopify payment tool, the limit will be whatever your credit or debit card allows.

If you want to pay by check or ACH, please get in touch with us.

Digital or Printed

You can choose:

  • If you want digital gift card ID #s, which you can forward to each person, we will send you a spreadsheet with those within one business day.
  • If you want personalized printed greeting cards to announce the gifts, just send us a note.

Landing Page

You can also order a personalized landing page for your bulk gift card recipients, such as this example. Get in touch to learn about the many options.


Feel free to get in touch. See the Contact page.