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Refreshments for Open Movement Class for HIV/AIDS Community

Refreshments for Open Movement Class for HIV/AIDS Community

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Often suffering feelings of dread, helplessness and guilt, the HIV/AIDS community needs a safe place to express vulnerability and to explore emotions. The support of a consistent community can help them to counter feelings of fear and insecurity, and to explore issues that are changing in their lives as a result of their status, such as intimacy, independence and acceptance. Our approach encourages participants to move with ease and awareness, and to reconnect with their bodies and others.

The Gift

This gift provides refreshments for recharge+reconnect - a free open movement class combining yoga, movement and breathing exercises for individuals living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Classes including recharge+reconnect are part of the large project, Moving the Community which underscores Gina Gibney Dance’s mission of using the power of movement and creativity to enrich and reshape lives. Extending the work we have done in six years of service to domestic violence survivors, this program will provide the HIV/AIDS community with effective tools to heighten self-confidence and improve health and well-being. Our work is a unique blend of: •gentle movement techniques, breathing, relaxation and stress reduction •creativity and self-expression through movement and other art forms connection with a supportive community These empowering classes allow participants to find a new voice through movement, which supports their quest to enrich and reshape their lives.