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Young people everywhere are taking action to improve their communities, starting projects that engage their peers in efforts to solve problems they face. Despite the growing perception that youth are apathetic, they are volunteering and getting involved in record numbers. Recognizing positive youth action not only reinforces their role as positive agents of social change, but it likewise inspires their peers, sending the message that their contributions are valued and appreciated.

The Gift

Your contribution helps to provide a $1,000 Global Youth Action Award to a young person (or group) who started a project that has created a positive and measurable improvement in their community. On top of the actual $1,000 Award, receipients are promoted through media outlets in an effort to create greater visibility for their work, and are provided with on-going forms of other support. These Awards have dramatically changed the lives of awardees, sometimes serving to support a successful program for a year or more in such countries as India, where a youth-initiated all-volunteer school has helped to diminish illiteracy rates among the young. The Global Youth Action Awards are a gift that keeps on giving. It not only recognizes positive youth action, but encourages more young people to engage their peers in creating effective youth-led solutions to problems in their community!