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African Technology

African Technology

Greatest Needs

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Technology available at an affordable cost to farmers in Asia and South America costs considerably more to farmers in rural regions of African nations, such as Ethiopia and Zambia, where per capita income is drastically less. This problem exists, in part, due to funding limitations placed on research and design teams within IDE’s Rural Prosperity Initiative.

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Your gift will allow IDE to respond to the urgent needs of our communities, allowing us to have the greatest impact on the greatest number of people. Your gift will be used to develop affordable farming technologies such as treadle pumps, drip irrigation systems or improved well drilling techniques. IDE will put your money to work where it will have the greatest influence on rural farmers in Africa. Access to treadle pumps and drip irrigation systems have shown to raise income levels; however, without added attention focused on making existing farming technology more affordable, rural subsistence farmers will continue to face stagnation and limited growth options.