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Critical Surgical Care for Sick Children

Critical Surgical Care for Sick Children

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Mending Kids

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Millions of sick kids need life-saving surgical care.

The Gift

Your donation will help support our work:

Our assembled surgical teams travel to developing countries on specialized missions to mend children in need of life-saving surgeries, and to train local surgical staff to create sustainable programs.

We provide outpatient surgical care to children living in the United States who do not have access to care by teaming with volunteer surgeons, nursing staff and local surgical centers.

Mend US is an expansion of our Hometown Mission Program, which grew out of our recognition that some children from underserved communities across the U.S. are unable to receive the surgeries they need as insurance companies consider these to be “non-life threatening” or “elective” and therefore not covered.

Our Mend US program allows qualifying patients across the United States to have year-round access to outpatient surgeries.

Through partnerships with renowned hospitals, we bring children with complex surgical needs to the United States for treatment. While the child is here, they are placed with a loving host family that cares for all of their needs. If surgery is not possible for a child in the United States or on a surgical mission, we arrange surgeries through partnerships with local hospitals in-country or in nearby countries.