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Home for a Day

Home for a Day

For One Homeless Child

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The impacts of homelessness and the devastation that it deals now affect over 1.5 million children living in America. Billions of dollars are being shipped overseas yet right here in America, hundreds of children become homeless every day. The recession is creating a double whammy; it's producing more homeless families while at the same time creating fewer dollars to help families in crisis.

The Gift

Your gift is an investment into the future of one of these children. Your gift will sponsor one homeless child and help provide this child with a home for one day. A decent and stable home is the foundation on which human beings build their lives. Homelessness or housing that is unaffordable defeats a person's best efforts to hold a job, perform in school, stay healthy, and build a strong family. Government programs are essential, but they alone have not met and will not meet this need. Community based organizations are taking the lead in creating and keeping homes affordable, upgrading or replacing blighted housing, and engaging the poor in addressing their own housing needs. Social purpose entrepreneurial leaders, many from the communities they serve, have developed the transformative ideas that can produce long term permanent solutions. What they need are much greater resources from the private sector, one donation at a time, to take those ideas and programs to a scale that makes a difference.