Help Salmon Thrive!

Help Salmon Thrive!

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The Problem

Every single stream, river and ocean is part of a single global ecosystem: One World Ocean. This ecosystem is at increasing risk from human activity and it's up to all of us to protect and restore it. Polluted storm runoff water flows downhill ending up in our urban streams, rivers, and then our one world Ocean. Polluted water is threatening salmon species survival while causing horrific algae blooms and coral bleaching. It's our job to protect our water. Join us for a mission that's as vast, critical, and inspiring as the ocean itself.

The Gift

Your contribution will help communities achieve clean streams and bring us one step closer to planting 1 million native trees for streams by 2025. Enhancing urban streams filter water if an abundance of flora and fauna is thriving. Native plants and trees not only filter, but provide stream canopy that allows for a consistent water temperature where threatened and endangered native salmon can better survive. Since everything runs downstream, having healthy waterways will allow our Ocean to heal. Planting natives will help wildlife, preserve natural beauty, improve public health, strengthen our communities, and improve drinking water for millions who live downstream - and of course our one world Ocean.