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Promote Sanitation

Promote Sanitation

Educate 130 Children

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The Problem

Unsafe drinking water is the #1 killer of children under age 5, and it delays economic development in children of all ages. In Gulomekeda and Ganta-afeshum, 13% of the population has access to clean water, and 9% has access to adequate sanitation services. Women and children spend hours daily collecting contaminated water. The lack of access to safe drinking water is compounded by poor hygiene habits, causing an increase in water-related diseases and child mortality.

The Gift

This gift will pay for 130 children to receive health and sanitation education classes. We are constructing five community spring water catchment systems and pit latrines for individual households and the local elementary school, and providing health education, community development and technical training. Upon completion, 1,720 people will have access to safe water and latrines. Clean, accessible water will allow women and children time for school and other tasks. This project will act as a catalyst for other community-driven improvements. A crucial factor in the success of our projects is education about safe hygiene practices and their importance to an individual’s health. People who understand the link between hygienic practices and disease are more likely to maintain the water supply system and latrines. Community health workers with hygiene educators, will provide community hygiene education through village meetings and trainings.