Gift a Robotics Kit to a Student

Gift a Robotics Kit to a Student

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The Challenge

Although existing robotics programs have shown great promise in advancing STEM education, their adoption is held back by the cost, complexity, and unfairness built into today's proprietary platforms. For example, the cheapest Lego robotics kit costs $325 on Amazon. We created a robotics kit that's even better (you can use your mobile app as a remote control instead of a large plastic remote control that Lego offers, and our motors / components are higher quality) -- and, we work with donors to provide this gift for free or at a low cost to students in need (without existing STEM programs)!

The Gift

We envision creating a world where more kids participate in robotics, and making STEM education accessible for all. Most STEM resources for kids are put forth by for-profit companies at a high price, allowing an unfair advantage over less affluent students. Unless there's a new and better way to engage young people, particularly girls and minorities, there will be a growing gap between supply and demand and a missed opportunity to afford students a rewarding education and career pathway. At the Revolution Robotics Foundation, we are working to level the playing field and extend STEM education to all school districts – regardless of income level! Revolution Robotics is dependent on generous donations like yours, and you can be assured that your money is going to help students in need so they may have equal access to high quality STEM education at a low cost.