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Bridge the Divide

Bridge the Divide

Political dialogue

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America is polarized. Political differences divide families, friends and communities. Our leaders are not solving our serious problems; for example, we are at war, millions have no health care, we have poor relations with many Muslim countries, and we face an environmental and energy crisis. Neither side has all the answers to these problems; it will take the best minds from all sides. We need a new way of dealing with our differences.

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Your gift will help pay for the development of constructive dialogues on critical issues, bringing together Democratic and Republican leaders, along with top experts from relevant fields. For instance, people representing all perspectives on health care for the uninsured come together to bridge their differences and find common ground on how to extend health care to the tens of millions of Americans who do not have it. Your gift will help pay for Search for Common Ground to bring leaders together for similar problem-solving dialogues on issues such as energy, the environment, security and U.S. relations with the Muslim world. They will find solutions that can be backed by government officials from both sides, and put into action.