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Teach Young Girls

Teach Young Girls

Sesame Street Egypt

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In Egypt, there is a critical need to bolster young children’s literacy and educational opportunities for girls. Alam Simsim, the Egyptian coproduction of Sesame Street, is a lively and friendly place where all children are always welcome and have the opportunity to learn basic skills. Alam Simsim includes a special emphasis on girls' education, featuring Khokha, a lovable pink monster who encourages young girls to have a limitless sense of possibility.

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Your donation will help support Alam Simsim, the Egyptian version of Sesame Street., helping children learn about health and hygiene, the environment, letters, and numbers in fun and engaging ways. Alam Simsim encourages children--especially young girls--to be proud of who they are, appreciate different ways of life, and respect each other.