ICRC COVID19 Global appeal

ICRC COVID19 Global appeal

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The Challenge

Millions of people living in conflict zones around the world. COVID-19 is one additional dramatic menace to them. In many of these countries, health systems and other vital infrastructure have been ravaged by war. The idea of further strain on already frail systems is extremely worrying. Families will suffer as the capacity to respond in the most remote and destitute places is overwhelmed.

The Gift

Considering this unprecedented situation, the ICRC has integrated actions in our existing work to ensure that we can adequately respond to the pandemic and to help prevent its spread, while ensuring the continuity of our life-saving operations. The ICRC's response to COVID-19 is centered on four primary axes: strengthening support to fragile systems and infrastructure; protecting and assisting in situations of armed conflict and violence; reaching vulnerable communities globally together with Red Cross and Red Crescent partners; advising on the prevention and management of the outbreak. Our staff delivers lifesaving assistance, despite the dangers and the uncertainty, to help those affected by conflict, and today, to help those at risk of the pandemic. In light of this exceptional crisis, the ICRC is urgently appealing for funding to mount our response to COVID-19.