Sponsor a Rescued Bulldog

Sponsor a Rescued Bulldog

Thank you for your tremendous generosity. If you plan to pay with PayPal, please note that the limit for an order is $5000. If you will pay with a credit or debit card, the limit is whatever your card issuer allows.

The Need

At a given time, we have about 35-50 English and French bulldogs in our foster network receiving care. We spend roughly $900 on each dog for their vet care in order to get them healthy. Our adoption fees only average about $400. We truly rely on donations to keep helping each new bulldog that needs our care!

The Gift

Our rescue is completely made up of volunteers, so all of our donations go directly to our vet bills for these adorable bulldogs in need. They often come in very neglected and needing so much care and TLC. Our amazing donors are what keep us able to continue to help!