Turn Out the Lights

Turn Out the Lights

Save electricity. Save money. Save the planet.

Thank you for your tremendous generosity. If you plan to pay with PayPal, please note that the limit for an order is $5000. If you will pay with a credit or debit card, the limit is whatever your card issuer allows.

The Problem

85 million tons of CO2 go into the atmosphere each hour due to domestic lights.


Your One Minute For Good:

Look around your home or office. See any lights that are not in use? Do your wallet and the planet a favor. Turn off those lights. There's no sense in spending money to spew carbon into the atmosphere to light a room that is not in use.



Thanks to Defenders of Wildlife for providing this one-minute action.

Defenders of Wildlife works on the ground, in the courts, and on Capitol Hill to protect and restore imperiled wildlife and habitats across North America. Together, we can ensure a future for the wildlife and wild places we all love.

Here are a few of the charitable gifts they offer.

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